Sumproduct Wild Cards

Sumproduct with Wild Cards

The 3 wildcard characters (?*~) used in other excel formulas do not work with sumproduct. All the same SUMPRODUCT utilizes other functions (LEFT, RIGHT, FIND and MID) to give you the same results.

sumproduct wild cards

Suppose the following is yearly financial transactions  showing  Cost Codes and Total Cost

Image 12

►Find the Sum of the total cost for Sales department if all Sales department cost codes starts with letters “KBX”?

      =SUMPRODUCT(- -(LEFT(B2:B26,3)="KBX"),C2:C26) = 354,944

►Find the Sum of the total cost of Stationery if all Stationery cost codes ends with a “J”

      =SUMPRODUCT(- -(RIGHT(A2:A26,1)="J"),C2:C26) = 353,646

►Find the Sum of the total cost of printing for sales department if all printing cost code Starts with KBX and the 6th character is a 3?

     =SUMPRODUCT(- -(LEFT(A2:A26,3)="KBX")*--(MID(A2:A26,6,1)=3),C2:C26) = 146,454

How it Works:

  • (LEFT(B2:B26,3)→→creates an array of the 3rd character from the left
  • LEFT(B2:B26,3)=KBX→→Checks if these characters are equal to KBX and creates a Boolean array
  • – –(LEFT(B2:B26,3)=KBX)→→The  Boolean array is converted to its Numbers equivalent by use of double negatives
  • SUMPRODUCT gets the sum of the product of the two arrays

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4 thoughts on “Sumproduct with Wild Cards”

  1. Bikash Behera says:

    There should be a Double Quote around KBX ; It should be “KBX”
    Other wise you’d get a NAME error

    1. Yes Bikash, that is right since this is a text. I have rectified this

  2. Hi Crispo,

    Thanks for the reminder that SUMPRODUCT can’t use wildcards and thanks for the SUMPRODUCT examples!

    Kevin Lehrbass

    1. Hi Kevin,

      You are welcome!


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