Sumproduct Wild Cards

Sumproduct with Wild Cards

Crispo Mwangi | 18-Jun-16 | 4 Comments

The 3 wildcard characters (?*~) used in other excel formulas do not work with sumproduct. All the same SUMPRODUCT utilizes other functions (LEFT, RIGHT, FIND and MID) to give you the same results. Suppose the following is yearly financial transactions  showing  Cost Codes and Total Cost ►Find the Sum of the total cost for Sales department if […]

Sumproduct Vs Other Functions


Crispo Mwangi | 5-Jun-16 | Leave a Comment

Have you ever looked for an Excel function that is extremely powerful, flexible and has multiple uses? The ONE function that will solve most of your daily array of problems? The ONE function that will open doors to advanced Excel skills? Well! This is it—SUMPRODUCT. SUMPRODUCT can be used to: One way lookup  with multiple […]