Reverse lookup


Crispo Mwangi | 3-Sep-16 | 6 Comments

In my research and tutoring excel, I have found that many people find Reverse lookup concept to be among the top 10 complicated things in excel. This article hopes to shed more light than heat in demystifying the Reverse Lookup in excel. In the normal lookup, we use the Column and/or Row header to return the value that […]

7 Overlooked Uses of Excel MOD Function

Crispo Mwangi | 7-Jun-16 | 13 Comments

In Over  450 functions in Excel, MOD function is one of the highly overlooked. Generally, MOD function returns the remainder of two numbers after division. Functions like IF, SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE are well known by all excel users. Yet there are some functions like MOD, WEEKDAY, WORKDAY, CHOOSE, DATEDIF, DELTA, SUBSTITUTE, HYPERLINK are rarely used. This […]