Highlight a Sample In a Range or Text that contain certain Values

Crispo Mwangi | 14-Jan-17 | Leave a Comment

Learning how to use conditional formatting in excel can save you a lot of time when you need to visually highlight important information in a worksheet. At basic level, it can be used to highlight duplicates, values within certain threshold, Top or Bottom N items etc.  However, to get the full potential of conditional formatting, you […]

Generating Lottery Numbers In Excel

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The chance of winning a lottery is usually infinitesimal but the magnitude of the rewards tends to over shadow it. This is why millions of people play or fantasize about winning the lottery daily. Since most Lottery use pseudo-random numbers to pick a winner, I will show you how you can use Excel RANDBETWEEN function to […]

7 Overlooked Uses of Excel MOD Function

Crispo Mwangi | 7-Jun-16 | 13 Comments

In Over  450 functions in Excel, MOD function is one of the highly overlooked. Generally, MOD function returns the remainder of two numbers after division. Functions like IF, SUM, COUNT, AVERAGE are well known by all excel users. Yet there are some functions like MOD, WEEKDAY, WORKDAY, CHOOSE, DATEDIF, DELTA, SUBSTITUTE, HYPERLINK are rarely used. This […]

How to Customize Number Formats In Excel

Crispo Mwangi | 7-Jun-16 | 6 Comments

Looks matter both in life and data visualization—you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Numbers in excel constitute the largest data type and knowing how to format them either on Charts or on tables is a big plus towards quicker decision making. Below are some tips on custom formatting; Custom Number […]