HLOOKUP with multiple criteria (OR/AND logic)

Crispo Mwangi | 12-Aug-17 | 1 Comment

When is the last time you comprehensively looked at HLOOKUP function and its alternative? To look up data horizontally, many excel users tend to use HLOOKUP but it has its limitations. So what are the alternatives? In this article, we shall look at? Horizontal lookup using HLOOKUP, VBA & INDEX & MATCH How to return multiple items in a Horizontal Lookup How […]



Crispo Mwangi | 8-Oct-16 | 7 Comments

Having done a series on Verticle lookup, it is only fair to touch on the Horizontal lookup. HLOOKUP function is the most popular function for this kind of lookup but it has a number of limitations and thus one may need to know a few other ways you can carry out a Horizontal lookup. For […]