Excel RAND() and RANDBETWEEN Functions

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Human being cannot consciously generate random numbers sequences as they tend to avoid/favor picking specific numbers yet there is so much application of randomness in life. Random numbers are useful in a number of ways, such as generating data encryption keys,GUIDS, Strong Passwords, selecting random samples or creating survey groups, generating lottery numbers e.t.c Scientist, […]


Generating Random Future Dates,Time & Datetime in Excel

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In this article I will show you how to generate random future Dates, Time &Datetime in excel using RAND(), RANDBETWEEN and WORKDAY.INTL functions. RANDBETWEEN function returns a random integer in a range of integers. = RANDBETWEEN(bottom, top) →→bottom(smallest integer) & top (largest integer) And since excel stores date as sequential serial numbers, we can use RANDBETWEEN to generate […]

Generating Lottery Numbers In Excel

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The chance of winning a lottery is usually infinitesimal but the magnitude of the rewards tends to over shadow it. This is why millions of people play or fantasize about winning the lottery daily. Since most Lottery use pseudo-random numbers to pick a winner, I will show you how you can use Excel RANDBETWEEN function to […]

Generating Strong Passwords or Encryption keys Using Excel

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A strong password should be at least 16 characters long, include special characters, Numbers, uppercase letters and lowercase letters. A mix of all these characters makes it hard for the password to crack. Most people find it hard to create a strong password but with Excel RANDBETWEEN and CHAR functions I will show you how […]