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I am a professional Web Designer.

I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) in Data Management & Analytics. 

I am a Freelance Content Creator.

I am a professional Applications Developer.

I love Reading, Teaching & Blogging.

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Are you frustrated with data analysis? Do you see spreadsheets and shiver? Do you wish for faster and accurate way of handling data? Has your life been complicated by data? Is Bad Data ruining your relationships? Are you looking for better ways to gather, analyze, visualize and report your data? Well! You have found the right blog.

Over my career life I have faced above frustrations and more but with the help of online resources I have learned a few tips and tricks to overcome them. For some time, I have wanted to share what I have learned and learning—this blog is the personal platform that I chose to give back to the community what I have learned all these years.

My interest in the database, data analysis, data reporting, data collection tools and everything data began in 2009 when I was hired to be in charge of a data processing team as well as Admin in a department with over 1000 staff. The need to have data processed faster and accurate led me to a self-study of Excel, Access, SQL DBMS as well as SSRS.

The desire to reduce data related frustration from colleagues led me to create a successful course on advanced excel called “Simplify Life-Advanced Excel Skills”. I have been teaching the course to colleagues and friends with tremendous results in reduction of the time they spend in data processing and data analysis; simpler life and more time to do more fun activities.

Am I a guru on what I write about? Not at all! But I have the expertise and I can teach you some tips and tricks to make you confident with data management. You will find tips & tricks from mostly Ms. Excel but also a few tidbits from Ms Access, SQL Server Reporting Service (SSRS) and any other stuff I find interesting.

I aim to teach you a new thing every time you visit, this will answer the great question that you should be asking on a daily basis—What did I learn today? If you do not find new things to learn, please post something or recommend a link—I am a believer in continuous improvement.

Besides writing articles for my blog, I also spend some time now and then on Mr. Excel Forum where I try to help others with excel issues and as I learn new tips and tricks too.  The forum gives me the chance to find solutions for issues which I may never have encountered in my own daily job.

If you have a question, or have something you want to know more about or need to share a tip or a trick, contact me and I will be glad to help. You can also follow me on twitter to get the latest updates.

PS: Always share helpful articles you find here, it may save another person data related headaches and frustration.



  • Anything that I write here is my own opinion and in no way linked to my past or current employer or anyone else.
  • As much as I endeavor to write crisp and accurate articles, this may not always be the case as there could be better ways/methods/tricks that I have not found yet.  That’s why I allow comments on the site.  If you think something is wrong, please post a comment that clearly specifies what is wrong, why you think it’s wrong, and how to correct it.

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