Crispo Mwangi

Certified Polymath

I am a professional Web Designer.

I am a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) in Data Management & Analytics. 

I am a Freelance Content Creator.

I am a professional Applications Developer.

I love Reading, Teaching & Blogging.

Let’s build something amazing together

My Badges

About Me


In a nutshell, I only have 3 goals;

⭐ Teach you how to be more data literate and automate your work.

⭐ Build and design awesome websites to make your presence online unforgettable.

⭐ Explore together new technologies, books, skills, philosophies e.t.c


  • Database & Applications Development 95% 95%
  • Reports & Data Visualization 93% 93%
  • Data Literacy Training 87% 87%
  • Website Design 85% 85%

What I Can Do For You

Data Management, Analytics & Reporting Training

Are you or your employees drowning in the sea of data illiteracy?

Do you spend too much unnecessary time doing manual monotonous boring tasks?

Do you need Excel, Acess, SSRS, Powerapps & PowerAutomate training and integration?

I would love to come to assist.

Let me know when.

Web Design, Email Hosting, Branding & Marketing

Are you tired of hiding in the shadows?

Watching your life pass you by or your business dying a slow death?

All this can change by having an online presence

Having an online presence (business or personal) is no longer a luxury but a requirement.

Let me help you have an unforgettable presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Content Creation

For your website to attract thousands of visitors you need two things;

⭐ To rank on top when different kinds of searches are done on Google.

⭐ To have evergreen entertaining or educating content.

If you need help on any of the above issues, let me know!

I would love to help 😊

automate business and data analytics using the Office 365

Did you know Office365 has over 25 productivity apps?

Apps to help you automate tasks, organize your life, work & collaborate remotely.

Are you spending millions of dollars buying off-shelf applications while you could be building them yourself?

I can help you map your business process using Office365




Procurement Specialist || Marine Engineer

I met Crispo when I was a jackleg in data management and analytics.

Within a few weeks of dedicated coaching, my set of skills had tremendously improved, his willingness to share knowledge made a whole difference in my work.

I did not become an IT pundit, However, I must say I got my current role courtesy of what I learned from him.

John Ndung'u

John Ndungu

Manager, Warehouse & Logistics Operations at Tristar Global Logistics – Somalia

 A well-rounded trainer in Advanced Excel with a very positive attitude towards empowering staff in solving daily technical database management for efficient service delivery.

Crispo, I really appreciate the MS Excel training you offered years ago and this has enabled me efficiently manage the tough humanitarian and military logistics role I am currently involved in.

Keep on providing technical and tangible solutions in your profession and you will always reap big rewards.

Nick Mwaura , MCIPS

Nick Mwaura , MCIPS

Direct Sourcing Manager–International Procurement & Logistics

It is always a pleasure working with Crispo on projects that required ‘out of the box’ thinking as he is incredibly generous with his expertise and skills.

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WTF with XLOOKUP Function

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Excel Flash Fill: 15 Things You Can Do In a Flash. Part 1

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4 ways to lookup items not matching a list

There are times when you want to look up and retrieve values based on a list. Normal filtering can only take up a maximum of two items and limited criteria conditions. In this article, you shall learn 4 ways to look up items not matching a list. For example, below we...

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