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Find and Replace ANYTHING in Excel

Data cleaning takes up to 80% of the time for a data analyst. To save time use the below tricks to clean mixed digits and letters in a string Find and Replace ALL Numbers in Excel Given below data, find and replace all number digits NB: the Trick is using the...

Advanced Excel
Jun 5, 2021

Extracting the Last Word In Excel

Assume you have below data and you need to get the last name as Surname & the rest as Other Names. If only One name exists extract it as the Surname. Here are the Steps to follow: Find the position of the last word in the name.To do this you need to count the...

Advanced Excel
May 27, 2021

WTF with XLOOKUP Function

NEVER has there been so much noise (fuss) in the Excel Community as it was during the introduction of the XLOOKUP FUNCTION. Excel experts called it "Functions Killer", "Ultimate Lookup Function", "Single Most Important function", "Excel Chicken Soup of the Soul"...

Advanced Excel
May 14, 2020

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